at Louis B James, NYC

from April-May, 2015


This show was a pop-up out of body experience clinic that blended into the other storefronts of the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Guests would make an appointment here or walk in. When you showed up you would wait for awhile on the top floor of the gallery, watch The Bob Monroe 24/7 Out of Body Experience News Network (full video below) and enjoy a coffee. Then you were taken downstairs by a docent and given a virtual reality headset that would take you out of your body for around 8 minutes.

****Download Windows version of the experience here. (You should be able to watch it without a VR headset. If you have a VR headset it will look best with a very powerful GPU)

****Press release is here.

****More Info Here: Art in America, Creator’s Project, Blouin Art Info




A pop-up Out of Body Experience Clinic is opening for the month of April in 2015 at 143b Orchard in New York City. I’m really excited to be doing the art in the waiting room and I made this promotional trailer. It will be walk-ins or by appointment. The experiences will be free and there is free coffee while you wait. That’s all I know so far. Here is more info on their webpage: http://outofbodyexperience.clinic


Cyclops Life Cycle: Artwork commission for the Denver Theatre District | Denver Digerati, 2014, Single Channel, Looping, 3:55


Cyclops Lifecycle was part of a group of videos that played on a billboard in the Denver Theatre District on 09192014. The full program is here.


The Viscous Valley

at Zhulong Gallery in Dallas, TX

Up until the 16th of August, 2014

Press Release

Dallas Observer

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Here is a link to larger digital images, titles and sizes of the c-prints that are in the show. They were made mostly in Cinema4d. Printed by Ernst at richardprints.biz in Brooklyn. Mounted on dibond in Texas.


This is a cool collaborative project by Cloaque. I did the opening video. More info:


4 Proposals for a Pavilion at the Historical Society of Atmos Village, 2014
This is a piece for a 40 foot table for the Brooklyn Artists Ball . There are 16 dioramas inside junction boxes randomly lit up with different colored LEDs. Inside each diorama is a 3d print and a lenticular image in the background. There are also plexi tubes that pulse on and off, video screens as pools, and a lot of landscapes spread across the plinth. All the wiring for the lights goes through EMT conduit and meets up at the end where it is controlled with an Arduino.

Brooklyn Museum photograph.
Brooklyn Museum photograph.
Brooklyn Museum photograph.
Diorama Details:


The Art Handlers – Site specific video commissioned by Salon94, Bowery Video Wall. Click here for press release.


There are a lot of physicists who say that there are infinite possible universes and maybe they are shaped like a quilt but the speed of light prevents us from seeing them in our universe and so we are left in the cold, unable to cuddle up into this multiverse quilt. For example: in one universe, there are planets with labyrinthian caves pockmarked with fancy and colorful jacuzzis. All the people that live in the caves are naked and they go from jacuzzi to jacuzzi and just hang out all day.
There is one jacuzzi that has THC in its purple water and another that is pink and has little mushrooms that float on its surface. The drugs absorb into your skin through your sweaty pours and you have vivid hallucinations of other universes where people worry about money and death and they build cities where when it snows the snow gets all muddy and gross and piles up in damp corners of dirty concrete and it gets into your shoes and makes your toes cold. They have some jacuzzis in this universe but only a few people get to chill out in them and when they do they cover parts of their bodies in synthetic polymers and there is only one drug in the water whose purpose is to sterilize the skin rather than to please it.
When you wake up you see your naked friends and the neon jacuzzis lit up in the dusky hollow space like fluorescent towers that grew in the wrong direction and you smile and get up and take a bite out of the cave wall because it is a brownie.

On view from February 1st – 14th.



Futuristic fantasy way to experience video art inside a giant seamless projection cube while eating and drinking: MonkeyTown4 in Denver. From February 27th until June. I’ll be showing the video Cool, which I originally made hoping to show it here.