This is a project I’ve been working on for awhile while trying to learn programming and basic electronics. It’s an interactive painting that lights up and makes sounds.

Ceci c’est un piano 12″x12″x3.5″ Acrylic and electrical components on canvas over panel, 2010

I made a 3.5″ deep box and stretched canvas over it. I drilled holes through the painting to insert three tri-color LEDs and a potentiometer which changes the tones of the keys. In between the canvas and the box are three force sensitive resistors which are prefect because they’re paper thin.

The box is full of wires. It’s a little sloppy so hopefully for the next one I’ll learn how to clean up the wire situation. The speaker is also a bit small and hanging from a wire. I used an Arduino Duemilanova which is drilled to the left and powered with a 9V battery so it hangs on the wall and you don’t need to plug it in or anything. I made a perf board which is drilled to the right.

Here it is in action: (I will probably make a better video later…it’s hard to steady one hand and play a “piano” with my other hand.

Here is the arduino code.

If you’re interested in the schematics or anything let me know and maybe I’ll post something up. But mostly I just used the three key keyboard tutorial on the Arduino page. I don’t really know what I’m doing so if you have any input on how to improve this it’s appreciated.