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Sometimes to Deal With the Difficulty of Being Alive I Need to Believe There Is a Possibility That Life Is Not Real. Denny Dimin Gallery, NYC

A solo show of a video experience, a simulation, a game that plays itself, a database of games, an absurdist, sci-fi play, emails going to nowhere, conversation starters, meditations, secret lairs, fights, break-dancing, play on a network, play by yourself, don’t play at all and just watch, set it up in a gallery, set it up at a party..

Download the project on Steam HERE

View more install shots on Denny Dimin Webpage

Download 100+ page manual about the project for free

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HOTR Home Furnishing. Phillips, NYC

An animation commissioned by daata editions and Phillips

View video HERE

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Self Portrait as a Dingus. The Bass Squared and daata editions, Miami, FL and online

A commission for an online show of digital art, Joyous Dystopia, with support from the Knight Foundation.



Low res version of the video:


An Infinite Objects Commission - released at the New Museum

Low res version of the video: